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What Is Your Baby Actually Thinking About?

Ah, the mysteries of babyhood – where gurgles, giggles, and puzzled expressions rule the day. You might be wondering what exactly goes on in those tiny minds that have yet to master the art of speaking. While we can’t precisely read a baby’s thoughts (yet), we can certainly offer some insights into what might be going on behind those adorable eyes.

  • Your baby is thinking about you: Yes, you! – you’re the star of the show in your baby’s mind. From the moment they wake up to the instant they fall asleep, babies are busy contemplating the marvel that is you. In fact, research has shown that babies tend to enjoy looking at people who spend quality time with them. They’re probably in awe of your juggling act – changing diapers, pulling funny faces, and belting out “Twinkle, Twinkle” all at the same time? Hats off to you! 
  • Your baby is trying to understand language: Ever caught your baby’s intense gaze as you babbled away about your day? Well, surprise, surprise – they’re hanging onto your every word! So, whether you’re discussing world politics or your favourite TV show, rest assured, your baby’s absorbing every syllable (no pressure, right?). As proven by a 2019 study, babies are language sponges, soaking up all those fascinating sounds you produce. So, don’t be surprised if they suddenly blurt out a perfect “goo-goo-ga-ga” during a serious conversation with the paediatrician.
  • Your baby is figuring out how things work: Remember that time when you gave your baby a spoon, and they just stared at it like it was some kind of puzzle worthy of a Nobel Prize? Welcome to a baby’s world, where everything is a potential mystery waiting to be solved. From figuring out that round pegs fit into round holes to realising that socks are not, in fact, a culinary delight, babies are busy processing the complexities of the world around them.
  • Your baby is curious about the outcome of their actions: Ever wondered why your baby keeps dropping their toys from the high chair? Or their obsession with dismantling your perfectly stacked tower of blocks? Babies have an innate desire to explore the properties of daily objects – how they feel, how they taste, and, of course, how gravity works when they’re dropped from a great height (or maybe they just wanna test your reflexes 🤷).
  • Your baby is busy judging people: Believe it or not, babies are already forming opinions about the people they meet. A 2016 study has shown that babies as young as six months old are capable of social evaluation – displaying a preference for individuals who show good social behaviour such as sharing and helping. Who knew babies could be so judgmental? 

Behind those adorable gurgles and rosy cheeks lies a universe of wonder and possibilities. From contemplating the mystery of your milk-summoning abilities to testing the limits of physics by dropping their cereal, babies are little thinking machines in the making. So, the next time you catch your little one staring intently at the ceiling fan, looking all thoughtful, just remember – they’re out there contemplating the universe, one drool bubble at a time.

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