What's in a box?

Wondering what you get in a Grow With Me Baby Toy Subscription box?​ Find out more here...

A child’s brain goes through an amazing period of development in the first few years.

The brain constructs a complex communication network of over a million neural connections each second. Isn’t that incredible?

Research shows the more exposure children have to meaningful toys and activities the stronger the neural networks become. Therefore, play is one of the most important ways in which they learn to make sense of the world around them.

Through play, they develop language skills, emotions, creativity, social and intellectual skills.

Grow With Me’s Baby Toy Subscription curates high quality wooden, sensory and educational toys and books to nurture these skills.

Example Grow With Me boxes

Please note that the items in the box may vary from those in the videos as the items we include are subject to availability.

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Brands you'll find in your Grow With Me Baby Toy Subscription

We stock the world’s leading brands in our boxes.

That’s why we know your child will love the toys they get.

Here are some of the brands we stock in our boxes

Wooden Toys

When you invest in wooden toys for babies, you invest in something that is durable and versatile enough to grow with your child. Many wooden toys don’t come with a pre-conceived purpose, encouraging children to stretch their imaginations even further. 

Below are some of the wooden toys you can expect to see in your boxes…

Building blocks - found in your baby toy subscription by Grow With Me
Building blocks
Hape pull along toy - found in your baby toy subscription by Grow With Me
Wooden vehicles
Shape sorting toy - found in your baby toy subscription by Grow With Me
Stacking toys
Rattle toy - found in your baby toy subscription by Grow With Me

Sensory Toys

‘Sensory play’ provides opportunities for children to actively use their senses as they explore their world. This is crucial to their brain development. Our sensory box for babies and toddlers aims to stimulate your little ones touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing, movement and balance. 

Below are some of the sensory items you will find in your box…

Balancing Game in Grow With Me's subscription box
Balancing game
Sensory reflective ball in Grow With Me's subscription box
Reflective ball
Glitter Panel, a kids toy favourite
Glitter panel
Clown Stacker by Hape - an infant favourite
Stacking game

Educational Items

Helping your little one learn the alphabet and numbers will give them a head start in their early education. Our boxes are full of educational experiences that will nurture key skills such as problem solving and memory from an early age.

Below are some of the educational items you will find in your box…

Flash cards - an educational toy to learn the alphabet
Number tiles - an educational toy for young kids to learn their numbers
Number toy
Safari cube puzzle by Bigjigs - can they identify all the different animals
Memory game - can the kids match all the different socks
Memory game


Reading to your baby encourages them to look, point, touch, and answer questions. This helps with social development and thinking skills. Your baby improves language skills by copying sounds, recognising pictures, and learning words.

Below are some examples of books you will find in your box…

Grow With Me's boxes always contain books
Collection of books
Book about animals with sensory stimulation
Book about animals
Book about colours with sensory stimulation - as seen in a number of Grow With Me boxes previously
Books about colours
Book about being in the park to teach kids about playing in the park
Books about nature


First example of a Grow With Me Baby Toy Subscription
Example of Grow With Me's toy subscription box with Montessori toys in it
Grow With Me subscription toy subscription box example
Baby toy subscription example by Grow With Me
Shape sorter sensory toy found in Grow With Me baby toy subscription
Cute wooden toy found in Grow With Me boxes
Touch sensory stimulation toy
Grow With Me - a baby toy subscription box with toys and books