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The Ultimate Guide To Travelling With A Baby: Tips & Tricks

Ah, the thrill of travel – new places, new experiences, and a new level of packing chaos when you’re bringing along a tiny human! Buckle up, because this adventure promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions, from heart-melting giggles to diaper disasters at 30,000 feet. Believe me, the journey might throw you some curveballs, but the happiness it brings is totally worth every bit of effort – just make sure you’re ready!

In this guide we’ll be covering:

  • When is it safe to fly with my baby?
  • Do airlines allow infants to fly?
  • Tips for travelling with a baby
  • Must-have items for travelling with a baby

When Is It Safe To Fly With My Baby?

According to Dr Charlotte Bennett, a neonatal consultant from Oxford’s Children’s Hospital, it’s best to wait a bit before travelling – even if your baby is healthy and born at full term. Waiting 7 to 14 days after your baby is born is a good plan before you start flying together. Also, if your little champ had some breathing issues right after birth, Dr Bennett says it’s wise to have a doctor check them out before planning any flights in their first year.

Do Airlines Allow Infants To Fly?

Well, there aren’t really any set rules in place for this, so your best bet would be to give your airline a quick call before you go ahead and make that booking. Oh, and here’s a heads-up: a few airlines might want you to get a note from your doctor saying it’s all good for your baby to fly if they’re less than two weeks old.

Tips For Travelling With A Baby

Ready to juggle baby bottles, diapers, and a luggage cart all at once? Fear not – we’ve got your back with some battle-tested tips to make your travel a bit smoother:

  • Timing is everything: Plan your travel around your baby’s naptime or bedtime. That way, you’ll hopefully have a snoozing co-pilot for a portion of the journey. But remember, babies never follow schedules (sigh, must be nice).
  • Pack like a pro: Remember that rule about packing for yourself? Triple it for the baby. Diapers, wipes, spare clothes, toys, snacks, and something that makes that cute giggle sound – you’ll need it all.
  • Snacks, snacks, and more snacks: Pack an arsenal of baby-friendly munchies to keep your tiny foodie satisfied during the flight (trust me, a hangry baby is no joke).
  • Prepare for the storm: To avoid any mini meltdowns, bring along dummies, breastfeed, or give them a bottle during takeoff and landing. Crying babies and annoyed passengers? Not a good combination.

Follow UK airport guidelines: Wondering how much baby food and baby milk you’re allowed to bring in with you? This easy guide helps you know what’s allowed in your hand luggage when getting on a plane. Make sure to comply with the rules for a hassle-free experience with your baby.

Must-have Items For Travelling With A Baby

Remember, you’re essentially packing for a tiny tot who requires a personal assistant (that’s you). Here’s what you’ll want to pack:

  • Diapers and wipes: Indeed, “surprises” are only fun in birthday presents, not on aeroplane seats.
  • Blanket: Don’t forget to bring your baby’s beloved blanket. It’s a magical cloth that can shield from the sun, cover while breastfeeding, and add fun to peek-a-boo games – all in one!
  • Earmuffs for babies: Yes, they exist. These mini earmuffs protect your baby’s sensitive ears since aeroplanes are basically giant metal sound machines.
  • Baby carrier or stroller: Your tiny human has their own entourage – and it’s called you. A carrier or stroller is your secret weapon for navigating airports like a pro.
  • First aid: Pack a small first aid kit for those unexpected owies. A tiny band-aid can work miracles when your baby’s finger gets pinched by the tray table (babies might be small, but their ability to find danger is unparalleled).

From negotiating diaper dilemmas at altitude to turning your baby’s tears into laughter, travelling with a baby is an adventure like no other. Just remember, amidst the chaos and the cuteness, to take a deep breath and embrace the journey – messy moments and all. Because, let’s face it, life was pretty boring before this tiny human joined the expedition, right? Happy travels! ✈️

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