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The Ultimate Guide To Helping Your Baby Learn How To Crawl

We know you’re already amazed by how your little bundle of joy can captivate your heart with just an adorable smile or giggle. But now, get ready to witness another jaw-dropping feat: crawling! Yep, it’s that adorable stage where your tiny human transforms into a determined little explorer, ready to conquer every nook and cranny of your living room. 

In this guide we’ll be covering:

  • Why is crawling important for my baby?
  • What can I do to help my baby crawl?

Why Is Crawling Important For My Baby?

Typically, you can expect your little one to start exploring the world on all fours somewhere between 7 to 10 months. Aside from providing you with some adorable photo ops, it’s a super important developmental stage that sets the stage for a lifetime of adventures. Here’s why:

  • Building strength: Crawling is like your baby’s version of hitting the gym. It strengthens their tiny muscles, helping them to prepare for sitting, standing, and eventually, chasing after the dog who stole their teething ring.
  • Stimulating senses: Crawling lets your baby explore the world from a new vantage point – the floor! They get to touch, feel, and taste (yes, taste, because everything ends up in their mouth) different textures, helping them learn about the exciting universe around them.
  • Brain boost: Crawling isn’t just a physical feat – it’s a brainy one too! As your baby learns to coordinate their movements, they’re also wiring their brain for spatial awareness, problem-solving, and coordination.
  • Independence unleashed: Watching your baby conquer crawling is like witnessing a tiny revolution. It’s their ticket to exploring the world on their terms. Plus, it’s the first step toward them realising they can go places without being carried around like baby royalty.

What Can I Do To Help My Baby Crawl?

Prepare to become your baby’s personal coach, cheerleader, and obstacle course designer all rolled into one! Here are some hilarious and effective strategies to encourage your little munchkin to embrace their inner crawler:

  • Tummy time: Get ready for some tummy time! Lay your baby on their belly for short bursts throughout the day. Start with just a few minutes and work your way up. It’s like a daily boot camp to build those crawling muscles, with a sprinkle of baby cuteness on top.
  • Strategic toy placement: Place toys just out of reach to encourage them to reach and scoot. Bonus points if the toys make funny noises – who can resist a crawling baby on a mission to find the mystery squeak?
  • Carpet cruising: If your home is more hardwood than carpet, it might be time to roll out a plush carpet. Crawling is easier on a softer surface, so if your baby seems hesitant, consider transforming your living room into a squishy baby racetrack.
  • Avoid hovering: As tempting as it is to hover over your baby, it’s essential to give them some space to explore on their own. Just be ready to catch them when they decide to go full steam ahead towards the pet food bowl.

As you watch your little one transition from that adorable squishy ball into a determined explorer on a quest for adventure, don’t forget to savour every moment. Soon enough, you’ll look back on these crawling days with nostalgia, wondering where the time went as your now-toddler races around the house at lightning speed. Good luck!

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