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Magical Milestones at 1 Year Old

Congratulations on surviving a whole year of parenthood! It’s been a rollercoaster ride filled with diaper duty, sleepless nights, and baby giggles. But guess what? Your little one has hit the one-year mark, and it’s time to celebrate the hilarious and adorable milestones that come with it. From saying their first word (or, you know, a super cute attempt at it) to perfecting their first steps, your baby is on an exciting journey to becoming a full-fledged toddler.

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What are The Key Milestones For a 1-Year-Old Baby?

Your little one is growing at warp speed, and they’ve got a whole bunch of new tricks up their sleeve that’ll have you both amazed and probably chasing after them even more. Here are important developmental milestones to expect at 12 months:

Social and emotional milestones

  • Hands over a book when they want to hear a story

  • Gets upset when their parents leave.

  • Feels shy around strangers.

  • Offers an arm or leg to help with getting dressed.

  • Has favourite toys.

Language and communication milestones

  • Use basic gestures like waving and using simple words like “mama” and “dada.”

  • Babbling starts to sound more like speech.

  • Responds to simple requests you make.

  • Tries to imitate words you say.

Cognitive milestones

  • Imitate movements and gestures.Bangs objects together.Drink from a cup and use (some) other objects accurately.Discover hidden things.When something is named, they look at the correct object.Follow simple instructions and release objects on their own.

  • Place objects in containers and can take them out by themselves.

Physical milestones

  • Able to take a few steps without needing help.
  • Can sit down without assistance.

  • Pulls themselves up to stand and walk while holding onto furniture.
  • Repeats sounds to get attention.
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How Can I Support My 1-Year Old?

The fun is far from over! As your tiny tornado barrels headfirst into toddlerhood, here are some helpful tips and advice that you can use to level up your parenting skills:

  • Embrace the chaos: Accept that chaos is the new normal. Toys will be scattered like confetti, and your living room might look like a tornado hit it. It’s a rite of passage, really – a messy home is a happy home (or at least, that’s what we tell ourselves.)
  • Safety first: As your child becomes more mobile, it’s crucial to maintain a baby-proofed home. Secure stairways with gates, eliminate accessible blind cords, and keep potentially hazardous items like cleaning products out of reach.
  • Patience is key: Remember, you’re dealing with a tiny human who’s learning how to navigate the world. Tantrums and meltdowns are basically their version of stress relief.
  • Paediatrician check-in: Schedule a one-year well-baby visit with your paediatrician to review your child’s growth and development. This is also an excellent time to ensure they’re up-to-date on recommended vaccinations, helping to safeguard their health as they explore the world around them.
  • Cherish the moments: Amidst the chaos, don’t forget to savour the sweet moments that make your heart swell. The giggles, the cuddles, the way they say your name – these are the memories that will warm your heart for years to come.

As you move forward, keep in mind that this year is just the beginning of a journey that will be filled with more surprises and triumphs. Cheers to the laughter, the love, and the joy that being a parent brings. You’re doing amazing, and the adventures have only just begun!

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