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Hello from the new owners at Grow with Me πŸ‘‹

We are pleased to announce that as of August 1st 2022 we, Dr. Neha Thakerar and Mr. Vishal Singhal, are the new owners of Grow with Me.

We are passionate about the concept of Grow with Me. Life can be overwhelming as a parent, and we strongly believe that Grow With Me delivers significant benefits for you and your baby. Without any need to spend hours pouring over research, you can trust your baby is continuously developing, learning and growing through a uniquely chosen set of sensory and educational toys.

Who are we?

Neha is a trained medical professional, having studied at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry. Amongst other posts, Neha worked closely with babies and young children in the surgical department at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Part of her role here involved suggesting scientifically proven methods and products for the child’s development. She will endeavour to apply a science-led approach to selecting toys and educational products for your child.

Vishal has extensive experience in delivering subscription experiences for customers. He currently owns and runs Life of Puzzles, an innovative subscription service providing jigsaw puzzle rentals. The service reduces clutter in people’s houses and allows subscribers to puzzle in a more flexible and eco-friendly way. Subscribers consistently commend him on the high quality of customer service, which we’ll make every effort to deliver at Grow With Me.

What’s Next?

Ahlam and her team have developed a fantastic concept at Grow with Me. They’ve worked closely with brilliant toy producers to deliver a great service. They’ve had great success coming up with the concept and delivering a first class experience for subscribers over the past 3 years. This is evidenced by the science-based research that supports each box and the positive reviews seen on Trustpilot.

Together, with this solid foundation and our combined experience, we will aim to take Grow with Me to new heights. We will do this by expanding the product selection, using only high-quality, research-backed products that promote developmental benefits for your baby.

We also plan to expand the age range of children whom we supply toys for, continuing to deliver research-backed products which will help your child develop through their toddler years.

We understand how confusing life as a parent can be with so much information out there. That’s why we’ll be building a Grow with Me community, where we can support each other in this exciting stage of life.

What’s going to happen to my subscription?

We want to assure you that you will continue to receive your subscription service as you have been doing so far, and as customers you will not need to change anything.

We’d love to hear from you

We always love to get to know our customers better and find out how we can improve your experience with us. If you have any suggestions on how we can further improve Grow with Me to meet your needs, please email us at [email protected] – we’d love to hear from you.

Neha & Vishal