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Balancing Baby & Home: 10 Tips For Getting Housework Done With A Baby

Are you struggling to keep up with housework now that you have a new bundle of joy? Here are a few quick tips to help you through:

  1. Use a baby monitor: With this nifty gadget, you can keep a watchful eye on your little one’s every move while you conquer that endless pile of laundry. The monitor allows you to see your baby’s movements and sounds without having to sneak into their room like a ninja, giving you the freedom to get some work done around the house.
  1. Get organised & have a catch-all basket: Keep cleaning supplies in a central location so you can quickly grab what you need when you have a spare moment. Keep a basket at the end of your hallway or on the stairs. As you move around the house with your little one, toss any items that are out of place into the basket. Then, once a day, go through the basket and sort everything back to where it belongs. It’s like playing a basketball game, except you’re the star player, and the basket is always open for business!
  1. Babywearing: A baby carrier is like a wearable baby backpack. You can carry your baby with you wherever you go as if you’re a kangaroo carrying a joey. This way, you can do housework while keeping your little one close and have a hands-free parenting experience. Plus, your baby can witness all your cleaning ninja moves while entertained by your multitasking abilities.
  1. Create a schedule: Maybe it’s cleaning the kitchen every Monday, bathrooms on Tuesdays, or doing all the laundry every Saturday. Jot down each day’s cleaning goal on a calendar or planner. Plan a few catch-up days too! (You may need them with a new baby in the house.)
woman cleaning the house
  1. Prepare simple, healthy freezer meals: You can stock your freezer full of meals before the baby arrives or spend one day each week prepping easy meals for the rest of the week. Being efficient with meal times can free you up to complete other tasks and spend even more time with your precious baby.
  1. Multi-task: Multi-tasking is key when you’ve got a baby around! Fold laundry while chatting with your little one about the latest fashion trends for onesies. Wash dishes and talk to your boss about that overdue report. Scrub the sink and sing a jingle about squeaky-clean hygiene. And when your baby finally dozes off, tackle that never-ending to-do list like a boss!
  1. Enlist help: Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends or family members. Just make sure to pay them back in baby cuddles or homemade cookies. After all, who can say no to a cute baby or a plate of warm cookies? (In all seriousness, even a small break can make a big difference. Don’t be afraid to ask!).
  1. Make it a game: Let’s make cleaning fun, folks! Get your baby involved in the cleaning routine and turn it into a game. Sing a funky tune while folding laundry, do some dance moves while sweeping the floor, or play peek-a-boo while dusting. Who knows, your little one might even start enjoying cleaning more than you do.
using a baby carrier whilst hoovering
  1. Take breaks: Don’t forget to take breaks to cuddle, play, and bond with your baby. Taking care of your little one is just as important as taking care of your home.
  1. Assign a dedicated space: Making sure that everything has a proper place in your home makes it much easier to keep things tidy. Clutter culprits such as mail, magazines, and receipts should have designated places. Don’t forget about your baby’s gear! Find a spot for diapers, wipes, toys, and bottles. With everything in its proper place, you’ll be able to clean up quickly and efficiently, leaving you more time to enjoy with your little one.

And most importantly, lower your expectations! Remember that it’s okay if your home isn’t spotless all the time. Give yourself a break and prioritise what’s most important.

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