Learning Through Play

Research based play box tailored to your baby’s age and stage of development

A play box of carefully curated toys for babies 0-18 months, sent to your door every month

How it Works​

Sensory Toys, Wooden Toys


Enter a few basic details to subscribe to our monthly boxes. Subscription is on a rolling basis and you cancel any time.

Sensory Toys, Wooden Toys


Let us do the research and handpick items that are perfectly tailored to your baby's age and stage of development. Our boxes contain a mixture of sensory toys, wooden toys and books.

Sensory Toys, Wooden Toys


Enjoy the monthly surprise with your little bundle of joy. A perfect way to bond with your baby, whilst building a strong foundation for lifelong learning.


Research Based

We curate our boxes based on the latest research in baby development. We supply this information in an easily accessible format in every box.


The retail value (RRP) of the products in each box are worth more than the price of the box; therefore money saved for you.


We take pride in selecting only the best quality toys, safe for little ones and ethically manufactured. In addition, all our items meet all EU safety regulations.


Example Box

What's the catch?

None, seriously!

4-6 carefully curated playthings that are age appropriate so your baby
can learn through play. The box includes a range of sensory toys, wooden toys and a book. As well as detailed information about each item; reasons for selection, its benefits and ways to use it.

The retail value of the boxes are more than what you pay for a box, so it would cost you more money! In addition, extensive research has been involved in selecting the best toys at each developmental stage, this information has been summarised and included in each box. Therefore, it would take you a lot of time in  research and even more money to put it together.

Certainly, you can cancel anytime. It’s very simple! Just drop us an email before
the 25th of the month (one week before receiving your next box).

We fully appreciate babies develop at different rates, hence why we hand pick open ended toys that will grow with your baby. In other words, they can be played in many different ways. Furthermore, we focus on creating an environment that promotes play, exploration and hands-on learning so your babies can learn at their own pace.

Above all, it is quality over quantity! Babies don’t need many toys, they just need quality toys that are versatile. We select toys that can be used in different ways and will grow with your baby. Our boxes contain sensory toys, wooden toys and a book.

We only currently cater for children between 0-18 months.